Interlink Network Clients

TV Globo International New York Limited

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

TV Globo is Brazil's largest television network and the number one producer and provider of Portuguese language television programming in the world. TV Globo is the third biggest TV channel in the world, watched by 80 million people daily. TV Globo International Ltd. is the New York entity.

RRSat Global Communications LTD.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

RRSat Global Communications network (now merged with SES) is a leading provider of Uplink, Downlink and Turnaaround services, providing end-to-end transmission for Television, Radio and Data Channels. RRSat provides global satellite distribution services via the most advanced digital MCPC platforms to more than 265 Television Channels and more than 80 Radio Channels covering more than 150 Countries on a permanent 24/7 basis.

Fox Pan American Sports Network

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Fox Pan American Sports is a 24 Hour all sports cable and satellite digital television network. It is the NUMBER ONE watched channel in Mexico ,Central and South America and the Caribbean reaching over 37 million households. The network transmits live event programming that includes the NFL, MLB, Formula 1, Barclay’s English Premier League, FIFA Club , World Cup, the Copa Santander Libertadores, the Copa Nissan Sudamericana and more, delivering thousands of hours of live sports each year to tens of millions of fans.

Queens Public Communications Corporation, New York

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Queens Public Communications Corporation (QPTV) manages 4 public access television channels serving approximately 400,000 residents of Queens County, New York City's second largest borough. QPTV manages the channels under the Franchise Agreements between the city of New York and the cable operators in the Borough of Queens. Services provided to the community by QPTV include training for Queens residents interested in producing community programs, cablecasting of programs for, by and about the residents of Queens, New York, and the management of an "in kind" Grant Aid Program for non-profit, Queens based organizations, in need of assistance with production costs.

Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is the world's largest cultural complex. The 12 world-renowned independent Resident Companies that make up Lincoln Center represent the very best in the performing arts today. Live From Lincoln Center is the only live performing art series on television bringing the best of Lincoln Center to living rooms throughout America.

Pan-American Sports Network

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Pan-American Sports Network (PSN) is a 24 hour a day sports network transmitting to Latin America. PSN is the most popular Latin American cable sports channel. PSN specializes in transmitting live sports from around the world to countries of Latin America. PSN also provides biographies of players and their teams, information on tournament statistics and sports news.

Bloomberg L.P.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Bloomberg L.P., founded in 1981, is an information services, news and media company serving customers in 126 countries around the world. The company has global news, television, radio, Internet, magazine and book publishing operations.

Time Warner/New York 1 News

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Launched in 1992, New York 1 News is the first 24-hour all-news channel devoted solely to New York City news and information. A division of Time Warner Cable, New York 1 News has become the most-watched cable channel in New York City from 6 to 9 a.m.

Times Square Business Improvement District

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

The Times Square Business Improvement District (the BID) was established to make Times Square clean, safe and friendly. Since the BID began in 1992, it has provided a full range of supplemental services as well as promotion for the area, advocacy for the interests of the local businesses, information to enhance economic development, and public improvements.

Times Square 2000, The Global Celebration at the Crossroads of the World, was the largest New Year's Eve celebration ever held in Times Square's 95 year history. Times Square 2000 was a 25-hour event beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, December 31, 1999, when the New Year arrived in the South Pacific.

Times Square Television (TSTV), produced by the BID, was offered to media outlets worldwide (broadcast, cable and internet) during the celebration. From at least 9 PM - 2 AM Eastern Time, a live video feed was made available via satellite around the world. The feed carried two channels of audio; one channel carried natural sound from Times Square and the other channel carried a guide track providing information to broadcasters in English. Television organizations utilizing TSTV had the option to run the feed in its entirety, customizing it with their own graphics and commentary or to use segments to build their own coverage of the event.

MGM Networks, Inc.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

MGM Network was created by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in mid-1999 to specifically focus on establishing cable, satellite, and other channels to distribute MGM's massive 4,100-film library. MGM Networks is an integral component of MGM's overall growth strategy, affording the company greater potential leverage of its library assets through proprietary branded cable and/or satellite distribution channels.

Vulcan Northwest, Inc.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Paul G. Allen founded Vulcan Ventures Inc. of Bellevue, Washington in 1986 to research and implement his investments. Through Vulcan Ventures, Allen invests in companies, which offer products, services or technologies that fit his Wired World strategy and can contribute to or benefit from the technology and strategy of other companies within the group's extensive investment portfolio.

In addition, the group is the majority owner of Charter Communications, the fourth largest cable operating company in the United States with more than 6 million subscribers. Recent investments include those in innovative content (e.g. Oxygen Media, ZDTV), Internet and e-commerce (e.g., eGreetings, Go2Net,,, telecommunications (e.g. Allegiance Telecom, High Speed Access, InterNAP, NorthPoint Communications) and consumer device and service companies (e.g. Replay Networks, TiVo, and Wink Communications).

Paxson Communications Corp.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Paxson Communications Corporation is a broadcasting company whose principal business is the ownership and operation of the largest broadcast television station group in the United States. Paxson Communications Corporation was an outgrowth of Paxson Broadcasting, founded in 1991 by Lowell W. "Bud" Paxson, the co-founder and past President of the Home Shopping Network, Inc., who had been involved in the radio and electronic retailing business for nearly 40 years. Paxson Broadcasting started out acquiring radio stations throughout Florida and was one of the first broadcasting companies to build clusters of radio stations in major markets.

Central European Media Enterprises, Ltd.

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Since launching its broadcasting operations in 1993, Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (CME), has become the leading television broadcaster in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Since its inception, CME's operating strategy has been to maximize reach and share of television advertising expenditures in each of the countries in which it is now operating. The cornerstone of its successful formula is to forge strategic alliances with local partners in each of its markets. By demonstrating its programming sensitivity to local language and culture and the active involvement of local station management, CME has been able to win the support of local authorities in licensing competition.

CME's potential broadcast reach in the region, combining current and developing stations, would bring the company's total household reach to over 140 million. CME is enhancing its distribution efficiency through the use of a transponder on Eutelsat HB3 communications satellite, which it leased in 1995 for 12 years. Using the latest technology, CME will be able to digitally compress multiple channels into one transponder, giving CME affiliates a low cost program distribution system, in their own language, within their license territories.

CME is a Bermuda-based company with offices in Amsterdam, Prague and London, and is publicly traded on the New York Nasdaq Exchange (CETV).

Multimedia/Gannett Broadcasting

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Multimedia Entertainment - NewsTalk Television - was a division of Multimedia, Inc., a diversified communications company which published 11 daily and 49 non-daily newspapers, owned and operated five network affiliated television stations, two radio stations, operated 125 cable franchises in five states reaching 470,000 subscribers, and monitored approximately 64,000 security alarm subscribers. Multimedia Entertainment produced quality programming for domestic and international broadcast, and launched NewsTalk Television, a 24-hour news based, interactive national cable channel.

Hotelevision, New York

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

Hotelevision launched on February 15, 2000 and offers a programming package of 10 cable television networks to upscale hotel guests. Channels carried by Hotelevision include A&E  Biography, Bloomberg Information Television, CNBC, Fox News Channel, Golf Network, MSNBC and the Weather Channel. Through exclusive arrangements with participating cable television networks and hotels,  Hotelevision will narrowcast special cable network hotel feeds, containing advertisements targeted to the business traveler, to its growing national base of upscale and luxury hotels.

Hotelevision has contractually secured nearly 100,000 hotel rooms required for product launch, and has signed agreements with Omni Hotels, Wyndham International, and Winegardner &  Hammons, Inc. Hotelevision is targeting the top 1.1 million or 30% of domestic hotel rooms. By year-end 2003, Hotelevision plans to serve more than 2,000 properties representing over 700,000 upscale rooms.

Hotelevision transmits a multiplex of 10 cable networks in MCPC format to GE Americom Ku-Band satellite GE4, Transponder 18, utilizing Scientific-Atlanta Power Vu Plus compression  equipment.

AlphaStar Digital Television

  • Interlink Network Corporation Client

AlphaStar was one of the first world standard, digital DTH, satellite television services in the American marketplace. The direct-to-home entertainment company offered more than 100 channels of video and audio services. These services included news, sports, movie, specialty, superstation, and pay-per-view programming delivered via AT&T satellites using a small dish and AlphaStar's TV set-top digital receiver manufactured by Tee-Comm Electronics. AlphaStar was the first digital satellite television service in America to use TV/COM's open world standard MPEG-2 digital video broadcast (DVB) compliant digital video compression (DVC) system.