TVN (national commercial television network for Poland) was launched in 1997 with a network operations center and studio complex located in Warsaw, three regional studios in Gdansk, Lodz and Cracow, as well as six additional news bureaus throughout the country. TVN was built as a completely SDV PAL environment using Philips digital television equipment in concert with Tektronix servers, and Panasonic DVC-PRO, for digital news acquisition. Two Digital SNG trucks were built, and four flyaway antennae were distributed, for news gathering and other program backhauls. A major satellite facility was built on the roof for transmission and reception. Interlink's team worked through torrential rain and flooding to launch this network on time. Through Interlink's efforts, TVN was the first television station in Poland to utilize state of the art broadcast technology. By successfully working in close partnership with the existing Eastern European Telecommunications state organization, rather than a Western-Managed service provider, Interlink saved its client at least $3.5 million over the ten- year life of the license. This project demanded creative solutions. To accommodate the station's license requirement of daily regional splits, Interlink's transmission experts designed an automated, centrally controlled, distribution and switching network for delivering live regional news to transmitters in four different regions.

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