AlphaStar Digital Television


AlphaStar Digital Television was a 150-channel, DVB, MPEG II, direct satellite broadcast service. The technical plant included 10 pay per view channels, 25 commercial insertion networks based on server architecture, and 30 audio channels. The facility was significant in terms of size and capacity. The operating philosophy pushed the envelope by redefining broadcast, technical and continuity job descriptions and performance parameters.


Technical Launch


Interlink designed the operations center, capable of 150+ channels including video playback, commercial insertion, and 20 channels of pay per view.


Interlink used its resources to acquire and design AlphaStar's state of the art, cost efficient facility. The capital cost of this facility was approximately ten times less than similar facilities built by competitors. Interlink was an integral part of the AlphaStar team through its Operations Management during the first year of operation.


Additionally, Interlink provided the following: business plan and budget development, liaison to outside suppliers; design and installation of baseband equipment; ordering and scheduling system for pay per view; staffing and training.

Project Details

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